mercredi 1 décembre 2010

Raùl Paz - Havanization (2010)

Throughout the Havazination listening, I was pleasantly surprised by a very nice mixture of latin jazz and pop rhythms. I was pleasantly surprised because he is an artist that I do not know before. Nicely? because, looking, I learned that Raul had trained classical music in Cuba.
This album celebrates the rebirth of life in Cuba, where they can talk, sing, discuss topics that were until recently banned ... Raul paz confirms the meaning of his message by singing something other than the air, although admittedly popular and pleasant in their retro character, of BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB.
Tracklist :
 1. Mejor  3:55
 2. Tengo   3:32
 3. Habana  4:02
 4. Gentel   3:48
 5. Aire   3:53
 6. Carnaval   3:36
 7. Flores En La Ciudad
 8. Tal Como Fue   3:20
 9. Carino   4:16
10. Un Lugar   3:32
11. Passan   3:35


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