vendredi 3 décembre 2010

Allison Miller - Boom Tic Boom (2010)

From the first seconds of "Cheyenne", Allison miller sets the tone for her album with a drum solo accompanied by Myra Melford improvistions on piano and Todd Sickafoose on bass: an album of modern jazz accessible to almost everyone. Miller has managed the difficult task. On the other hand, the members of this trio have excelled in improvistions without falling into excessive sophistication. I like this album and I recommend it!

Tracklist :
 1. Cheyenne   7:15
 2. Fead  5:53
 3. Intermission   6:53
 4. Rockin' Chair   6:21
 5. Be Melting Snow   7:44
 6. CFS (Candy Flavored Sidewalks)   6:31
 7. Big Lovely   7:41
 8. Night   9:47

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  1. Thanks! I kinda suffer to find the password but it was there the whole time. Thanks! Hope you could upload the 2016 Otis Was a Polar Bear album, it's hard to find.