jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Irina Karamarkovic Band - Songs From Kosovo (2009)

"Here we have an extraordinary album offering jazz interpretations of traditional songs from the Serbian region of Kosovo. They are performed in Serbian language by a young jazz singer whose roots are deep in that tradition with imaginative support by her Austrian trio. What makes this unusual project so beguilling and accessible is the sinceriity, passion and authority of Irina's voice and the creative sensitivity of her accompanists.

The songs, sometimes simple and sometimes wuite complex, are ostensibly typical folk music themes of love lost and found,. However, there is a broader political dimension reflecting the recent Serb-Kosovan history of a shatttered homeland, society and culture. Such expressions of deep feelings of loss and dislocation have a particularly local resonance. Sadly, of course, these experiences and  emotions have their parallels in most countries and give the music powerful relevance beyond the Balkans. You do not need to know the language to realise that Irina is singing the truth."
                                                               Bob Weir (Jazz Journal) 
Tracklist : 
 1. Pristina Ce Da Postane Turisticko Mesto    0:18
 2. Preletese Tice Lastavice   5:56
 3. Hapi Syte E Seza   5:16
 4. Majko Mila   6:11
 5. Biser Mara Po Jerezu Brala  5:21
 6. Gusta Mi Magla Padnala   6:40
 7. Tudja Zemljo   6:04
 8. Sto Si Rano Podranila Marijo  5:19
 9. Devojce Tanko Visoko  5:52
10. Simbil Cvece   6:45
11. Zajdi, Zajdi   3:04
12. Doala Je Sestra Jelena   1:16

Credits : 
Irina Karamarkovic : Vocals
Stefan Heckel : Piano
Wolfram Derscmidt : Bass
Viktor Palic : Drums

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