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Rare 1930's Blues 1934-1937

The artists on this discprovide not only some fascinating blues in the 1930's styles but plenty of discographical and biographical mysteries. Their very excellence, coupled with their obscurity, demonstrates that the blues recorded in Chicago during that decade were capable of considerable depth and variety and should be not casually written off with reference to such stereotypes as the "Bluebird Beat" or the heavy hand of producer Lester Melrose.              
                                                                                                  David Evans         
Tracklist : 
         LOUISIANA JOHNNY & KID BEECHER (1934-1937)
 1. Charity Blues
 2. Show Me What You Got For Sale
 3. True Man Blues 
 4. Hard Working Man
 5. When My Baby Leaves Home
 6. Cherry Hill Blues
 7. Razor Cuttin' Man
 8. Whiskey Head Woman
 9. Three-Six-Nine Blues
10. Policy Blues
         ARKANSAS SHORTY (1936)
11. Mr. So And So Blues
12. Blue As I Can Be
13. Whippin' That Jelly
14. Double Crossing Buddy
15. from One To Twelve
16. Greyhound Blues
          JOHN D. TWITTY & LITTLE BILL (1937)
17. A Gang Of Trouble (Take 1)
18. A Gang Of Trouble (Take 2)
19. Walking Blues
20. John D. Blues
21. Sold It To The Devil
22. You Can't Love Me And Someone Else
23. Camp Meeting In The Air
24. Death Of The Gambler

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